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LexiaConsulting focuses on key areas that help bring transparency and clarity to your promotional activities through effective pricing strategy, organisation of strategic trading terms and overall monitoring of your promotional effectiveness. 

Pricing Strategy

Support the development of a structured defensible and logical pricing platform which:

  • Minimises channel and customer conflicts
  • Creates a win-win dynamic with customers around the most important categories and SKUs
  • Drives consistency, defensibility and simplicity
  • Is in line with brand strategy

Too often due to legacy and lack of alignment and customer pressures, pricing structures have become disjointed.  Designing a defensible and logical framework and a glide path to get there can over a 2-year period realign the pricing with the commercial and brand objectives.

Trading Terms

Trading terms are often a major source of contention for the following reason:

  • Whilst the terms of trade are the clearest and most tangible articulation of a brand’s trade and channel strategy towards a customer, they often lack alignment with the articulated strategy
  • Lack of consistency towards customers
  • No clear link between investment and sales drivers
  • No enforcement of agreed deliverables
  • Often they are unnecessary complex

Lexia are specialists in developing, calibrating and delivering new trading terms, in particular in fragmented markets, eg traditional trade or channels of lots of independent customers.

Implementing consistent defensible easy-to-explain trading terms delivers both financial and non-financial benefits to the business.  The most important overall benefit is that it is an opportunity to align the key areas of sales, finance and marketing around a commercial framework that all can support.

Promotional Effectiveness

Too many promotional programs are only a slightly amended copy of last year’s promotional program.  Rarely do we start from scratch to work up what an ideal promotional program would look like, what it would deliver and how we might get there. 

At Lexia we support businesses in zero-basing their promotional program.  In our experience it is the only way to really figure out what really works and what not.  We would not necessarily recommend to do this every year.  However, a bottom-up promotional program build is the best place to start if the current modus operandi is copy-paste.

Lexia specialises in supporting businesses to work through an end-to-end zero-basing exercise in order to reset the promotional strategy and align it behind the key commercial and brand imperatives rather than let is be driven by what was done before.

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