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About us

Leading the way to greater profitability.

Lexia Analytics offer specialist solutions for Trade Promotion Management & Trade Promotion Optimisation.

Through our platform, LexiaStudio, our clients gain better control of their promotional spend, improve its effectiveness, and eliminate or streamline error prone manual and inefficient back-office processes.

We help our clients to efficiently achieve a more profitable bottom line.

What Makes Us Different?

Lexia Analytics provides a specialist software solution for brands that operate with an indirect customer base often managed through a mix of distributors and direct distribution.  On average, Lexia clients have between 10,000 to 250,000 indirect customers being serviced by up to 200 distributors at any one time. When fragmented markets are managed through a mix of both direct distribution AND multiple distributors, this can often lead to a lack of control over trade spend. 

LexiaStudio was designed to deal with the complexities of multi-layer sales transactions and the administrative challenges of controlling such environments. Our software is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP and Distributor Management Systems (DMS) to provide a true end-to-end solution that puts you back in control.  


How did we get here?

Lexia Analytics started in 2008 with a focus on trading terms and promotional effectiveness for consumer goods companies mainly in Asia and Australia. Whilst initially most work with clients started as consulting projects, time and again we ended up building customer profitability cubes as part of these projects to facilitate better insights in which customers and promotions made them money and which did not.

The most important issue we encountered was a lack of record keeping and control of promotional spend and the fact that most TPM solutions were built for developed markets with a limited amount of customers and generally very good scan data.

That inspired us to develop our own TPM solution. We aim to provide a solution for companies in fragmented markets with huge amount of outlets and secondary transaction data.


Our Global Leadership Team.

Our Founders and Directors have an extensive background in both software development and top tier management consultancy. Our experienced team of developers, analysts and consultants are based in Singapore, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom

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Jelle de Jong

Founder & Director
Employee Photos - Wouter van Rij

Wouter van Rij

Founder & Director
Employee Photos - Yee Hwa Ching

Yee Hwa Ching

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