Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

Lexia Analytics provides a solution in cloud based Revenue Growth Management (RGM) for consumer goods companies in fragmented & developing markets. With our Trade Promotion Management (TPM) & Trade Promotion Optimisation (TPO) platform, we help to gain better visibility and control of promotional spend, improve its effectiveness, and streamline error prone, manual, and inefficient back-office processes.

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Services & Solutions

Visibility, Control & Optimisation of Trade Spend

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Cloud-based, end-to-end solution integrated with ERP, for full transparency, control, and analysis of promotional expenses.

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Additional TPM module which is supporting added intelligence, simulations and advanced reporting capabilities.

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Bespoke profitability reporting at outlet and SKU level enabling granular analysis on profit and growth drivers.

Extensive knowledge and experience in Pricing, Trading Terms & Promotional Effectiveness

What We Do

Lexia Analytics primary focus is on Trade Promotion Management (TPM) & Trade Promotion Optimisation (TPO). Our primary goal is to help our clients regain control of their promotional spend whilst effectively identifying and streamlining inefficient internal processes.

We achieve this through LexiaStudio, our dedicated web-based software solution. Customisable modules within our platform allow for added intelligence insights and simulations of Profitability, Contract and Price Management. Off the back of our deep understanding of Trade Spend in fragmented markets, Lexia also provides consulting services covering promotional analytics, trading term transformations and S&OP optimisation.

Our Clients

Our focus is directed towards brands within the consumer goods markets and those which primarily rely on a direct and indirect distribution model. Lexia’s global presence allows our software solution to be deployed in 8 different countries with over 800 active users worldwide. LexiaStudio is currently assisting clients cover more than 3800 promotions each month & manages a combined universe of 12,000 primary customers and over 2.2 million secondary customers.


What Makes Us Different?

Lexia Analytics provides a specialist software solution for brands that operate with an indirect customer base often managed through a mix of distributors and direct distribution.  On average, Lexia clients have between 10,000 to 250,000 indirect customers being serviced by up to 200 distributors at any one time. When fragmented markets are managed through a mix of both direct distribution AND multiple distributors, this can often lead to a lack of control over trade spend.

LexiaStudio was designed to deal with the complexities of multi-layer sales transactions and the administrative challenges of controlling such environments. Our software is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP and Distributor Management Systems (DMS) to provide a true end-to-end solution that puts you back in control.

When to consider LexiaStudio?

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