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LexiaStudio Profitability Cube is a dedicated module for tracking customer, brand and product profitability at the lowest possible granular level. This level of granularity enables you to easily distinguish between profitability averages vs what is happening in terms of highest growth, lowest growth & profitability segments.

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Main Components

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Key Features of LexiaStudio Profitability Cube


The Profitability Cube allows tracking at a lowest possible granular level. Granularity in profitability calculations provides a detailed and accurate picture of a company's financial performance. The use of granular data allows to gain a deeper understanding of the performance of each brand and SKU, enabling them to make targeted adjustments to improve sales and profitability. By using a precise and targeted approach, companies can maximize their returns.

Lightweight & Bespoke

LexiaStudio allows granular outlet-SKU level profitability reporting and is able handle 
large amount of customer datasets. It offers a solution that combines the flexibility of Excel with the rigor of an ERP system by leveraging Python to convert large datasets into meaningful reports. This approach enables changes to be made in allocation and calculation methods, providing businesses with a more tailored and effective solution.

Simple Data Analysis

Breaking down profitability data to its lowest level enables a level of analysis that traditional ERP-Excel methods cannot achieve. A transaction table enables to calculates the profitability of individual SKU sold to and outlet level that businesses can easily analyze and compare data across various dimensions. This includes SKU-outlet profitability from lowest to highest, SKU profitability by order size, and profitability during promotions. 


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