Lexia Analytics is a Commercial Analytics business focused on the opaque area of Trade Spend delivering commercial solutions in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe.

We strive relentlessly to add value to our client’s businesses through a deep understanding of their commercial needs and delivering the execution that makes the difference between a good idea and a great result.

We are experts in the area of trade spend effectiveness, which includes all aspects of customer investment including discounts, rebates, trading terms and all other forms of promotions which influence price, display or customer margins

  • Our expertise is borne out of deep experience in fast moving consumer goods companies
  • We have extensive experience in developing markets, primarily South East Asia, and the developed markets of Australia and New Zealand
  • Our point of difference is that we offer a tailored technology solution which enables you to bring together complex data from various internal and external sources, and we provide a framework and expertise to quickly and systematically identify insights and opportunities. Unlike other providers in this area, we do both: Insight and Technology
  • By working with us we will, at a minimum, be able to show you profitability by outlet for all your outlets, and demonstrate which of your promotions are generating value and which ones are not