Over 95% Forecast accuracy for Accolade Wines UK

Accolade Wines Accolade are one of the biggest wine companies in the world, producing some of the world’s most-loved brands such as Hardys, Echo Falls, Grant Burge, St Hallett and House of Arras.  Their operations span the entire spectrum of grape to glass, from wine supply and production to sales, marketing and distribution. Through relentless […]

From QUOTE-TO-CASH: A best-practice closed-loop approach to contract management

Contract quoting, administration and management … less art than science! In this article, we delve into the significance of a systematic approach to contract management and present four critical building blocks for achieving success. By establishing and maintaining a well-structured customer/opportunity universe, utilizing standardized contracts, meticulously tracking contract performance, and conducting regular bid evaluation and […]

The Importance of Customer Growth & Profitability

US dollar bill image for customer profitability

Customer profitability – an essential question that often remains unanswered We were taught in our first consulting role that strategy is all about making choices – deciding when, where and how to compete. To choose or make decisions, you need data and most importantly, data around customer profitability. Companies, however, struggle with reporting information around […]

The Value of Your Data

Stock Trading graphic for the value of your data

The value of treasuring your data, and the cost of neglect! Terms such as master data, data cleansing, data structure and data quality are enough to put most of us to sleep. Master data has boosted many a career and are essential to many of a company’s core processes. However, to think long and hard […]

Unleash the Power of Your Data

Self driving car image for unleash the power of your data

Unleash the power of your data to focus on where you can make a difference and not get distracted by where you can’t We live in an age where driverless cars will soon roam our streets, there’s a Siri in every iPhone, traders rely on algorithms and Alexa runs our smart homes. It is becoming […]

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